I read a great article in Forbes about interviewing. Louis Efron provided nine tips to interview with confidence. I agree with most of what Louis says, but I have provided a few thoughts of my own. Click here to read Louis’ full article.

Tip 1: Power Posing

Louis: There are positions that we can sit and stand in that help us feel confident. Adjusting how you sit may be all you need to increase your confidence

Me: This is a great tip. It makes me think of Superman; hands on his hips, chest out, chin up, and a strong stare out on the world. Some times when I need confidence I will stand like this. Your pose may be different. You will need to find out what makes you feel confident and apply it.

Tip 2: The Confidence Mirror

Louis: “Multiple studies also conclude that “attractive” job candidates get more offers and make more money. Making yourself attractive during an interview with a comfortably firm handshake, direct eye contact, good posture, relaxed but passionate communication style, and a genuine smile will give you an edge over other candidates.”

Me: Ok, there may be research that suggests attractive people get hired first. But, the reality is that we can’t chose what we look like and we all need to work. Rather than focusing on “making yourself attractive” focus on feeling comfortable in your skin. If you like who you are and how you look people will be able to tell. Rock your look and be strong in the interview.

Tip 3: Body Positioning

Louis: You need to ensure that you position always suggests confidence. You may need to adjust throughout the interview.

Me: This seems obvious. If you are like me, sometimes I will be in a meeting and then realize I am like halfway down in my chair. I have to readjust to be more engaged in the conversation. Interviews are no different. Sit up, lean in, and don’t slouch. (I sound like my mother.) If you start to slide down or lean back then you need to adjust.

Tip 4: Affective Memory

Louis: Using a memory of a time that you were confident, visualizing it, and trying to recreate it when you are in the interview will help you be more confident.

Me: I like this suggestion, but I won’t ever do it. That is because I would feel silly. Rather, I like to practice interviewing with a friend. You know there are certain questions that they are going to ask. Practice answering those questions. Practice makes perfect.

Tip 5: Mastery

Louis: The more experience you have the better you will be and the more confident you will be. If you don’t have experience then you may need to get help.

Me: I think you have this down. If you are reading this blog it is because you wanted to find out how to interview better.

Tip 6: Exercise and Dress

Louis: “Staying fit and dressing appropriately for interviews are helpful practices. Both will give you more confidence and regular exercise always provides you more energy and makes you feel better about yourself.”

Me: Story of my life. You don’t exercise enough and you have no style. Look, we are who we are. When you go to an interview, wear something that matches the environment that you are applying for. If you look clean and nice then people won’t think twice about it. As far as exercise and confidence goes. I like to exercise and it is part of my daily routine. But, I would never let it impact how I feel about myself. Love yourself and people will love you too.

Tip 7: Focus on Positives

Louis: Try to make the negatives in your career into positives.

Me: This is the oldest trick in the book and really it is one that everyone interviewing knows. We are tired of it. Rather than focusing on the positives, focus on self-growth. Acknowledge that you aren’t perfect and then give an example of what you did to become better. Nobody wants to hire a spin doctor, they want to hire someone who knows themselves and is attempting to be the best them they can be.

Tip 8: Rewrite Your Self Talk

Louis: Essentially, figure out the negative things about yourself, write them down, and re-frame them. He suggests “way that makes you feel confident and good about yourself when you read and say them. Turn, “I will never get this job” into “I am the best person for this job. This company needs me.”

Me: This is a great tip. Before you interview always remember that they asked you to be there. They need you.

Tip 9: Be Present

Louis: “The key to confidence when interviewing is coming prepared and staying present, connected and fully engaged in the process and what you need to convey about yourself.”

Me: Confidence shows. I like to go into an interview like I already have the job. Make them convince you that you should take the job.

Here is the link and reference to the article I am quoting:

Efron, L. (2013, Dec 23). Get That Job! Nine Ways To Interview With Confidence. Forbes. Retrieved from .