Social Media and Interviews

In a great article from author J.T. Ripton outlines 7 common mistakes made on social media that can hurt your chances of getting hired. Click Here to read the whole article. I’ve added my thoughts about each of the mistakes J.T. Ripton outlines.

Complaining About Your Job or Boss

Just don’t do it! Don’t put your personal business online. If you complain about your current boss then you are going to complain about me. Why would I hire you?

Sharing Your Latest Job Offer

We don’t often think of it this way, but getting hired is a business negotiation. Don’t put the details of your offer online. This is something that we should all consider to be confidential. It also likely violates company policy.


Never use someone else’s ideas. It is stealing and dishonest. Why would I want to hire someone who starts out being dishonest?

Using Texting Language

I think this is situational. I would never say don’t. But, consider your audience.

Posting Tasteless Comments

Sometimes tasteless is the way that we joke with friends. But, it should be in private. Social media is not private.

Posting Photos With Alcohol

People drink. People talk about drinking. I wouldn’t say that you can’t every have a photo of alcohol, but there is a big difference between a picture of you with a glass of wine and one taken during a bender. Somethings we should keep to ourselves.

Mocking Your Customers

Customers pay the bills. This is similar to complaining about the boss. If you can’t show respect online, how can I expect you to show respect in person?